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Publicaciones docentes - año 2012


Autores y Referencia

Intra-aortic balloon pumping reduces the increased arterial load caused by acute cardiac depression, modifying central and peripheral load determinants in a time- and flow-related way

Bia D.; Cabrera-Fischer E. I.; Zocalo Y.; Armentano R. L. (Heart Vessels 27 (5): 517-27)

Post-implant evaluation of the anastomotic mechanical and geometrical coupling between human native arteries and arterial cryografts implanted in lower-limb: mechanical, histological and ultraestructural studies of implanted cryografts

Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Armentano R. L.; Perez-Campos H.; Fernandez-Pin J.; Panuncio A.; Saldias M.; Marino A.; Alvarez I. (Cryobiology 64 (1): 50-9)

Towards automatic measurement of anteversion and neck-shaft angles in human femurs using CT images

Casciaro M. E.; Craiem D. (Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Eng)

Optimizing thymic recovery in HIV patients through multidrug therapies

Costanza V.; Rivadeneira P. S.; Biafore F. L.; DAttellis C. E. (Biomed Signal Process Control)

Vascular smooth muscle activation improves aortic compliance with respect to mechanical loading

Craiem D. ; Graf S.; Armentano R. L.; Barra J. G. (Cardiovasc Eng Tech 3 (1): 80-87)

Aging impact on thoracic aorta 3D morphometry in intermediate-risk subjects: looking beyond coronary arteries with non-contrast cardiac CT

Craiem D.; Chironi G.; Redheuil A.; Casciaro M.; Mousseaux E.; Simon A.; Armentano R. L. (Ann Biomed Eng 40 (5): 1028-38)

Trypanosoma cruzi discrete typing units in Chagas disease patients from endemic and non-endemic regions of Argentina

Cura C. I.; Lucero R. H.; Bisio M.; Oshiro E.; Formichelli L. B.; Burgos J. M.; Lejona S.; Bruses B. L.; Hernandez D. O.; Severini G. V.; Velazquez E.; Duffy T.; Anchart E.; Lattes R.; Altcheh J.; Freilij H.; Diez M.; Nagel C.; Vigliano C.; Favaloro L.; F (Parasitology 139 (4): 516-21)

High-dose plasmid-mediated VEGF gene transfer is safe in patients with severe ischemic heart disease (GENESIS-I). A phase I, open-label, two years follow-up trial

Favaloro L.; Diez M.; Mendiz O.; Janavel G. V.; Valdivieso L.; Ratto R.; Garelli G.; Salmo F.; Criscuolo M.; Bercovich A.; Crottogini A. (Catheter Cardiovasc Interv)

A simple model for cholesterol accumulation on the artery wall near stagnation points

Gessaghi V. C.; Tanoni D.; Perazzo C. A.; Larreteguy A. E. (Lat Am Appl Res 42: 1-9)

Closed form expression for the profile of partially wetting two-dimensional droplets under gravity

Gomba J. M.; Perazzo C. A. (Phys Rev E 86: 56310)

Motor-language coupling: Direct evidence from early Parkinson´s disease and intracranial cortical recordings

Ibanez A.; Cardona J. F.; Dos Santos Y. V.; Blenkmann A.; Aravena P.; Roca M.; Hurtado E.; Nerguizian M.; Amoruso L.; Gomez-Arevalo G.; Chade A.; Dubrovsky A.; Gershanik O.; Kochen S.; Glenberg A.; Manes F.; Bekinschtein T. (Cortex )

Neural processing of emotional facial and semantic expressions in euthymic bipolar disorder (BD) and its association with theory of mind (ToM)

Ibanez A.; Urquina H.; Petroni A.; Baez S.; Lopez V.; do Nascimento M.; Herrera E.; Guex R.; Hurtado E.; Blenkmann A.; Beltrachini L.; Gelormini C.; Sigman M.; Lischinsky A.; Torralva T.; Torrente F.; Cetkovich M.; Manes F. (PLoS One 7 (10): e46877)

EphA3 expressed in the chicken tectum stimulates nasal retinal ganglion cell axon growth and is required for retinotectal topographic map formation

Ortalli A. L.; Fiore L.; Di Napoli J.; Rapacioli M.; Salierno M.; Etchenique R.; Flores V.; Sanchez V.; Carri N. G.; Scicolone G. (PLoS One 7 (6): e38566)

Sonic hedgehog (Shh)/Gli modulates the spatial organization of neuroepithelial cell proliferation in the developing chick optic tectum

Rapacioli M.; Botelho J.; Cerda G.; Duarte S.; Elliot M.; Palma V.; Flores V. (BMC Neurosci 13 (1): 117)

Integrated e-Health approach based on vascular ultrasound and pulse wave analysis for asymptomatic atherosclerosis detection and cardiovascular risk stratification in the community

Santana D. B.; Zocalo Y. A.; Armentano R. L. (IEEE Trans Inf Technol Biomed 16 (2): 287-94)

Health informatics design for assisted diagnosis of subclinical atherosclerosis, structural, and functional arterial age calculus and patient-specific cardiovascular risk evaluation

Santana D. B.; Zocalo Y. A.; Ventura I. F.; Arrosa J. F.; Florio L.; Lluberas R.; Armentano R. L. (IEEE Trans Inf Technol Biomed 16 (5): 943-51)

Effect of vascular endothelial growth factor gene transfer on infarct size, left ventricular function and myocardial perfusion in sheep after 2 months of coronary artery occlusion

Vera Janavel G. L.; De Lorenzi A.; Cortes C.; Olea F. D.; Cabeza Meckert P.; Bercovich A.; Criscuolo M.; Laguens R.; Crottogini A. (J Gene Med 14 (4): 279-87)

Updating Engineering Education in the Southern Cone: Creativity and Innovation

Armentano R. L. (Creative Education 3: 733-736)

Successful circumferential free tracheal transplantation in a large animal model

Bertolotti A. M.; Alvarez F. A.; Defranchi S.; Alvarez M.; Laguens R. P.; Favaloro R. R. (J Invest Surg 25 (4): 227-34)

Vascular accesses for haemodialysis in the upper arm cause greater reduction in the carotid-brachial stiffness than those in the forearm: study of gender differences

Bia D.; Cabrera-Fischer E. I.; Zocalo Y.; Galli C.; Graf S.; Valtuille R.; Perez-Campos H.; Saldias M.; Alvarez I.; Armentano R. L. (Int J Nephrol 2012: 598512)

Effects of aging on thoracic aorta size and shape: A non-contrast CT study

Craiem D.; Casciaro M. E.; Graf S.; Chironi G.; Simon A.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2012: 4986-9)

Coronary arterial stiffness is related with a loss of fractal complexity in the aortic pressure

Cymberknop L. J.; Legnani W.; Pessana F. M.; Crottogini A.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2012: 4200-3)

Aging-related changes and reference values for the carotid intima-media thickness in a Uruguayan Population

Farro I.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Torrado J.; Farro F.; Florio L.; Lluberas R.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2012: 5622-5)

Pulse wave velocity as marker of preclinical arterial disease: reference levels in a uruguayan population considering wave detection algorithms, path lengths, aging, and blood pressure

Farro I.; Bia D.; Zócalo Y.; Torrado J.; Farro F.; Florio L.; Olascoaga A.; Alallón W.; Lluberas R.; Armentano R. L. (Int J Hypertens 05)

La rosuvastatina atenúa la progresión de la estenosis aórtica generada por hipertensión arterial, independientemente de sus efectos hipolipemiantes

Giunta G.; Guevara E.; Marziali L.; Gómez Rosso L.; Meroño T.; Favaloro R.; Brites F.; Cuniberti L. (Rev Argent Cardiol 80 (1): 14-20)

Non invasive assessment of carotid and femoral arterial pressure using B-mode ultrasound diameter waveforms

Graf S.; Craiem D.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2012: 5610-3)

Optic tectum morphogenesis: a step-by-step model based on the temporal-spatial organization of the cell proliferation. Significance of deterministic and stochastic components subsumed in the spatial organization

Rapacioli M.; Duarte S.; Rodriguez Celin A.; Fiore L.; Teruel L.; Scicolone G.; Sanchez V.; Flores V. (Dev Dyn 241 (6): 1043-61)

Hyperemia-Related Changes in Arterial Stiffness: Comparison between Pulse Wave Velocity and Stiffness Index in the Vascular Reactivity Assessment

Torrado J.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Farro I.; Farro F.; Armentano R. L. (Int J Vasc Med 2012: 490742)

Carotid-radial pulse wave velocity as a discriminator of intrinsic wall alterations during evaluation of endothelial function by flow-mediated dilatation

Torrado J.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Farro I.; Farro F.; Valero M.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2011: 6458-61)

Carotid-radial pulse wave velocity as an alternative tool for the evaluation of endothelial function during pregnancy: Potential role in identifying hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

Torrado J.; Farro I.; Farro F.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Sosa C.; Scasso S.; Alonso J.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2012: 5603-6)

Resynchronization improves heart-arterial coupling reducing arterial load determinants

Zocalo Y.; Bia D.; Armentano R. L.; Gonzalez-Moreno J.; Varela G.; Calleriza F.; Reyes-Caorsi W. (Europace )

Three-dimensional evaluation of thoracic aorta enlargement and unfolding in hypertensive men using non-contrast computed tomography

Craiem D.; Chironi G.; Casciaro M. E.; Redheuil A.; Mousseaux E.; Simon A. (J Hum Hypertens )

Fractal dimension as an index of left ventricular ischaemia: a pilot study

Cymberknop L. J.; Legnani W.; Barra J. G.; Pessana F. M.; Armentano R. L. (Physiol Meas 34 (1): 83-97)

Mass dependence of the deconfinement and chiral restoration critical temperatures in nonlocal SU (2) Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio models

Pagura V.; Dumm D. G.; Scoccola N. N. (Phys Rev D 87 (1): 014027)

The potential role of epigenetics on multipotent cell differentiation capacity of mesenchymal stromal cells

Yannarelli G.; Pacienza N.; Cuniberti L.; Medin J.; Davies J.; Keating A. (Stem Cells 31 (1): 215-220)

Efficient plasmid-mediated gene transfection of ovine bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells

Locatelli P.; Olea F. D.; Hnatiuk A.; Sepulveda D.; Perez Saez J. M.; Arguello R.; Crottogini A. (Cytotherapy 15 (2): 163-70)

Angiogenesis in vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques in apparently healthy human hearts

Duronto E. A.; Vigliano C.; Meckert P. C.; Bertolotti A.; Laguens R.; Gurfinkel E. (Rev Arg Cardiol 80: 210-216)

Investigaciones realizadas en nefropatías inmunológicas humanas y experimentales

Segal A.; Zanetti N.; Moro M. E.; Charalambopoulos C.; Laguens R. P. (Rev Arg Urología 40(5-8): 180-209)

Lesiones del uréter y su repercusión renal.

Verzini E.; Laguens R.; Vigo N. J.; Vampa Mainero O.; Langone O. (Rev Arg Urología 36(1-7): 34-55)

Angioma de papila renal.

Vigo N. J.; Albertalli L. S.; Laguens, R. P. (Rev Arg Urología 34(1-8): 514-515)