miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

Charla del Prof. Richard M. Hall (Universidad de Leeds, Reino Unido) - Wear in total joint replacements: a road to nowhere?

El jueves 22 de Octubre a las 14hs el Dto de Electrónica recibirá al Prof. Richard Hall de la Universidad de Leeds (Inglaterra), quien brindará una charla en inglés sobre implantes de cadera. La charla se realizará en el Edificio Cervantes (Perón 3175, esquina Anchorena). 

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¡Los invitamos a todos a participar!

Prof Richard M Hall (Director of Postgraduate Research Studies, Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK).

Conference name: Wear in total joint replacements: a road to nowhere?


Joint replacements, particularly of the hip or knee, have revolutionised the treatment of arthritis in Western Countries. In the UK approximately 120,000 procedures are undertaken each year with 95 % lasting 10 years and 4/5th 20 years. However, for those that fail, which constitute a relatively high number, the follow-on operations are less successful and are a drain on health-care systems. The main reason for these failures is the wear of the implants that releases micron and nano-sized particles. These debris elicit a deleterious immune response causing pain and bone resorption. Hence, a significant research effort has focused on understanding and reducing the effects of wear in these joints (see the joint replacement simulator and models below). The presentation will take examples from Prof Halls research as well as that of others to highlight the activities in this area and the challenges faced in reducing wear.