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Publicaciones docentes - año 2009


Autores y Referencia

Preservation of muscular and elastic artery distensibility after an intercontinental cryoconserved exchange: theoretical advances in arterial homograft generation and utilization

Bia D.; Atienza J. M.; Salvucci F.; Zocalo Y.; Rojo F. J.; Garcia-Herrera C.; Claes E.; Perez H.; Craiem D.; Lluberas S.; Fernandez D.; Laza S.; Guinea G. V.; Armentano R. L. (Artif Organs 33 (8): 662-669)

Reversal blood flow component as determinant of the arterial functional capability: theoretical implications in physiological and therapeutic conditions

Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Armentano R. L.; de Forteza E.; Cabrera-Fischer E. (Artif Organs 33 (3): 266-272)

Non-invasive biomechanical evaluation of implanted human cryopreserved arterial homografts: comparison with pre-implanted cryografts and arteries from human donors and recipients

Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Armentano R.; Laza S.; Perez H.; Craiem D.; Saldias M.; Alvarez I. (Ann Biomed Eng 37 (7): 1273-1286)

Vascular access localization determines regional changes in arterial stiffness

Cabrera Fischer E. I.; Bia D.; Valtuille R.; Graf S.; Galli C.; Armentano R. L. (J Vasc Access 10 (3): 192-198)

Smooth muscle-dependent changes in aortic wall dynamics during intra-aortic counterpulsation in an animal model of acute heart failure

Cabrera Fischer E. I.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Armentano R. L. (Int J Artif Organs 32 (6): 354-361)

Dynamics of cortico-angiogenesis in the developing chick optic tectum

Celin A. R.; Rapacioli M.; Duarte S.; Ortalli A.; Teruel L.; Sanchez V.; Scicolone G.; Lopez J. J.; Flores V. (Dev Biol 331 (2): 444-444)

A closed-loop approach to antiretroviral therapies for HIV infection

Costanza V.; Rivadeneira P. S.; Biafore F. L.; DAttellis C. E. (Biomed Signal Process Control 4 (2): 139-148)

Atheromatous plaque: quantitative analysis of the echogenicity of different layers

Craiem D.; Chironi G.; Graf S.; Denarie N.; Armentano R. L.; Simon A. (Rev Esp Cardiol 62 (9): 984-991)

Can a simulation study of T-wave alternans (TWA) resolve whether TWA is T-wave amplitude dependent?

Cuesta-Frau D.; Aboy M.; Biagetti M. (Med Biol Eng Comput 47 (3): 355)

Enhanced modified moving average analysis of T-wave alternans using a curve matching method: a simulation study

Cuesta-Frau D.; Mico-Tormos P.; Aboy M.; Biagetti M. O.; Austin D.; Quinteiro R. A. (Med Biol Eng Comput 47 (3): 323-331)

Endurance Training in the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat: Conversion of Pathological into Physiological Cardiac Hypertrophy

Garciarena C. D.; Pinilla O. A.; Nolly M. B.; Laguens R. P.; Escudero E. M.; Cingolani H. E.; Ennis I. L. (Hypertension 53 (4): 708-714)

Analysis of 56-plet positive parity baryon decays in the 1/N_ {c} expansion

Goity J. L.; Jayalath C.; Scoccola N. N. (Phys Rev D 80 (7): 74027)

Low adiponectin levels in primary hypertriglyceridemic male patients

Gomez Rosso L.; Merono T.; Benitez M. B.; Lopez G.; Giunta G.; DAmbrosio M. L.; Wikinski R.; Cuniberti L.; Brites F. (Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis 19 (2): 135-139)

Self-similar asymptotics in convergent viscous gravity currents of non-newtonian liquids

Gratton J.; Perazzo C. A. (J Phys Conf Ser 166 (1): 012011(8))

The heavy chain variable segment gene repertoire in chronic Chagas heart disease

Grippo V.; Mahler E.; Elias F. E.; Cauerhff A.; Gomez K. A.; Tentori M. C.; Ruiz A.; Vigliano C. A.; Laguens R. P.; Berek C.; Levin M. J. (J Immunol 183 (12): 8015-8025)

Presence of vulnerable coronary plaques in middle-aged individuals who suffered a brain death

Gurfinkel E.; Vigliano C.; Janavel J. V.; Fornoni D.; Caponi G.; Meckert P. C.; Bertolotti A.; Favaloro R.; Laguens R. (Eur Heart J 30 (23): 2845-2853)

Cardiac regeneration: the gene therapy approach

Laguens R. P.; Crottogini A. J. (Expert Opin Biol Ther 9 (4): 411-425)

Failure of IL-8 to assess early reperfusion injury following lung transplantation of cardiac death donor pigs

Lascano E. C.; Bertolotti A.; Gomez C. B.; Osses J.; Negroni J. A.; Cuniberti L.; Yannarelli G. G.; Molinari L. E.; Laguens R.; Favaloro R. (Transplant Int 22 (5): 574-582)

Early preconditioning protection against stunning in conscious sheep. Role of KATP channels

Lascano E. C.; Negroni J. A.; del Valle H. F. (Mol Cell Biochem 331 (1-2): 247-257)

Deconfinement of neutron star matter within the NambuJona-Lasinio model

Lugones G.; Grunfeld A. G.; Scoccola N. N.; Villavicencio C. (Phys Rev D 80 (4): 45017)

Repeated, but not single, VEGF gene transfer affords protection against ischemic muscle lesions in rabbits with hindlimb ischemia

Olea F. D.; Vera Janavel G.; Cuniberti L.; Yannarelli G.; Cabeza Meckert P.; Cors J.; Valdivieso L.; Lev G.; Mendiz O.; Bercovich A.; Criscuolo M.; Melo C.; Laguens R.; Crottogini A. (Gene Ther 16 (6): 716-723)

Self-similar asymptotics in non-symmetrical convergent viscous gravity currents

Perazzo C. A.; Gratton J. (J Phys Conf Ser 166 (1): 012012(6))

Pressure-detection algorithms

Perfetto J. C.; Ruiz A. G.; Sirne R. O.; DAttellis C. E. (IEEE Eng Med Biol Mag 28 (5): 35-40)

Notch expression in the developing chick optic tectum

Rapacioli M.; Celin A. R.; Duarte S.; Ortalli A.; Teruel L.; Sanchez V.; Scicolone G.; Flores V. (Dev Biol 331 (2): 523-524)

Viscoelastic models for passive arterial wall dynamics

Valdez-Jasso D.; Banks H. T.; Haider M. A.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Armentano R. L.; Olufsen M. S. (Adv Appl Math Mech 1 (2): 151-165)

Analysis of viscoelastic wall properties in ovine arteries

Valdez-Jasso D.; Haider M. A.; Banks H. T.; Bia Santana D.; Zocalo German Y.; Armentano R. L.; Olufsen M. S. (IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 56 (2): 210-219)

Non-invasive assessment of arterial stiffening in patients with chronic kidney disease in hemodialysis. Caracterización no invasiva de la rigidez arterial en pacientes con insuficiencia renal crónica en hemodiálisis

Valtuille R.; Graf S.; Galli C. N.; Barmak W.; Abelleira C.; Tetta M.; Fischer E. C.; Bia D.; Armentano R. (Rev Nefrol Dial Transplant 29 (1): 29-34)

No hay mal que cien años dure... el mal de Chagas

Viotti R.; Vigliano C.; Armenti A. (Rev Esp Cardiol 62 (11): 1332-1333)

Side effects of benznidazole as treatment in chronic Chagas disease: Fears and realities

Viotti R.; Vigliano C.; Lococo B.; Alvarez M. G.; Petti M.; Bertocchi G.; Armenti A. (Expert Rev Anti-Infect Ther 7 (2): 157-163)

Arterial load reduction after cardiac resynchronization therapy: why does it change?

Zocalo Y.; Bia D.; Reyes-Caorsi W.; Gonzalez-Moreno J.; Armentano R. L. (Eur J Echocardiogr 10 (4): 461-462; author reply 462-463)

Experimentos con un sensor de efecto Hall

Atorino J. I.; Bortolín L. P.; Rodríguez E.; Farías R. O.; Rodríguez E. E. (Lat Am J Phys Educ 3 (3): 606-611)

Caracterización in vivo de las propiedades parietales viscoelásticas de la arteria aorta y pulmonar principal, en ovejas anestesiadas: estudio comparativo [In vivo characterization of the visco-elastic properties of the pulmonary artery trunk and aorta wa

Bia D.; Fernández C.; Grignola J. C.; Ginés F.; Armentano R. L.; Migliaro E. R. (Cardiovasc Sci Forum 4 (4): 22-26)

Biomechanics of the ergometric stress tests: Regional and local effects on elastic, transitional and muscular human arteries

Bia D.; Zócalo Y.; Torrado J.; Valls G.; Lluberas S.; Craiem D.; Armentano R. L. (Annu Int IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc Conf 2009: 2839-2842)

Medición del ángulo de bifurcación coronario mediante un ajuste cilíndrico en 3D

Casciaro M. E.; Craiem D.; Ameneiro F.; Ganum G.; Gurfinkel E. P.; Armentano R. L. (Rev Argent Bioing )

Coronary arteries simplified with 3D cylinders to assess true bifurcation angles in atherosclerotic patients

Craiem D.; Casciaro M. E.; Graf S.; Glaser C. E.; Gurfinkel E. P.; Armentano R. L. (Cardiovasc Eng 9 (4): 127-133)

Gene transfer-based strategies for heart regeneration

Crottogini A.; Laguens R. (Physiol Mini Rev 4: 29-35)

Acoustic emission measurements for tool wear evaluation in drilling

Gomez M. P.; Migliori J.; Ruzzante J. E.; DAttellis C. E. (Am Inst Phys Conf Proc 1096 (1): 1474-1480)

Análisis de axones en crecimiento mediante la función Granulométrica de Tamaños

Gonzalez M. A.; Ballarin V. L.; Rapacioli M.; Celín A. R.; Sánchez V.; Flores V. (Rev Argent Bioing )

Non-invasive assessment of carotid and femoral arterial pressure: Differences in calibration using measured and calculated mean brachial pressure

Graf S.; Armentano R. (IFMBE Proc 25: 793-796)

Presencia de placas coronarias vulnerables en mujeres de mediana edad que sufrieron muerte cerebral

Gurfinkel E.; Vigliano C.; Meckert P. C.; Bertolotti A.; Favaloro R.; Troncoso J. C.; Laguens R. (Rev Argent Cardiol 77 (6): 478-486)

Endothelium-dependent mechanical effects on the beat-to-beat energy dissipation in the arterial wall

Pessana F.; Armentano R.; Bia Santana D.; Zocalo Y.; Cabrera Fischer E. (Rev Bras Eng Biomed 25 (1): 5-13)

Subclinical atherosclerosis modeling: Integration of coronary artery calcium score to Framingham equation

Pessana F.; Armentano R.; Chironi G.; Megnien J. L.; Mousseaux E.; Simon A. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2009: 5348-5351)

Association between mechanics and structure in arteries and veins: theoretical approach to vascular graft confection

Salvucci F. P.; Bia D.; Armentano R. L.; Barra J. G.; Craiem D.; Zocalo Y.; Fernandez J. D.; Baguear F.; Atienza J. M.; Rojo F. J.; Guinea G. V. (Annu Int IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc Conf 2009: 4258-4261)

Assessment of pulsatile wall shear stress in compliant arteries: numerical model, validation and experimental data

Salvucci F. P.; Perazzo C. A.; Barra J. G.; Armentano R. L. (Annu Int IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc Conf 2009: 2847-2850)

Reactive hyperemia-related changes in carotid-radial pulse wave velocity as a potential tool to characterize the endothelial dynamics

Torrado J.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Valls G.; Lluberas S.; Craiem D.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2009: 1800-1803)

Cardiac resynchronization results in aortic blood flow-associated changes in the arterial load components: basal biomechanical conditions determine the load changes

Zocalo Y.; Bia D.; Gonzalez-Moreno J. B.; Torrado J.; Varela G.; Calleriza F.; Craiem D.; Reyes-Caorsi W.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2009: 2843-2847)