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Publicaciones docentes - año 2011


Autores y Referencia

The endothelium modulates the arterial wall mechanical response to intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation: in vivo studies

Bia D.; Cabrera-Fischer E. I.; Zocalo Y.; Armentano R. L. (Artif Organs 35 (9): 883-92)

Impact of coronary artery calcium on cardiovascular risk categorization and lipid-lowering drug eligibility in asymptomatic hypercholesterolemic men

Chironi G.; Simon A.; Megnien J. L.; Sirieix M. E.; Mousseaux E.; Pessana F.; Armentano R. (Int J Cardiol 2: 200-204 )

Stiffness Indices and Fractal Dimension relationship in Arterial Pressure and Diameter Time Series in-Vitro

Cymberknop L.; Legnani W.; Pessana F.; Bia D.; Zócalo; Armentano R. L. (J Phys Conf Ser 332: 12024)

Comparison of prevalence, clinical course, and pathological findings of left ventricular systolic impairment versus normal systolic function in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Fernandez A.; Vigliano C. A.; Casabe J. H.; Diez M.; Favaloro L. E.; Guevara E.; Favaloro R. R.; Laguens R. P. (Am J Cardiol 108 (4): 548-55)

Comparison of Prevalence, Clinical Course, and Pathological Findings of Left Ventricular Systolic Impairment Versus Normal Systolic Function in Patients With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Fernández A.; Vigliano C. A.; Casabé J. H.; Diez M.; Favaloro L. E.; Guevara E.; Favaloro R. R.; Laguens R. P. (Am J Cardiol )

Growth model for cholesterol accumulation in the wall of a simplified 3D geometry of the carotid bifurcation

Gessaghi V. C.; Raschi M. A.; Tanoni D. Y.; Perazzo C. A.; Larreteguy A. E. (Comput Methods Appl Mech Eng 200 (23-24): 2117-2125)

Pion radiative weak decays in nonlocal chiral quark models

Gómez Dumm D.; Noguera S.; Scoccola N. N. (Phys Lett B 698 (3): 236-242)

Mechanical properties of the aortic arterial wall during 24 hours: a preliminary study in conscious sheep

Graf S.; Craiem D.; Valero M.; Alfonso M.; Barra J. G.; Armentano R. L. (J Phys Conf Ser 332: 12008)

Temporal pattern of pulse wave velocity during brachial hyperemia reactivity

Graf S.; Valero M.; Craiem D.; Torrado J.; Zocalo Y.; Valls G.; Bía D.; Armentano R. L. (J Phys Conf Ser 313: 12009)

Lubrication theory applied to the convergent flows of two stacked liquid layers

Gratton J.; Perazzo C. A. (J Phys Conf Ser 296 (1): 012013)

Convergent fow in a two-layer system and plateau development

Gratton J.; Perazzo C. A. (Phys Fluids 23: 46601)

Cortical deficits of emotional face processing in adults with ADHD: its relation to social cognition and executive function

Ibanez A.; Petroni A.; Urquina H.; Torrente F.; Torralva T.; Hurtado E.; Guex R.; Blenkmann A.; Beltrachini L.; Muravchik C.; Baez S.; Cetkovich M.; Sigman M.; Lischinsky A.; Manes F. (Soc Neurosci 6 (5-6): 464-81)

Negative parity baryon decays in the 1/N_ {c} expansion

Jayalath C.; Goity J. L.; de Urreta E. G.; Scoccola N. N. (Phys Rev D 84 (7): 074012)

Coronary microcirculation remodeling in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Laguens R.; Alvarez P.; Vigliano C.; Cabeza Meckert P.; Favaloro L.; Diez M.; Favaloro R. (Cardiology 119 (4): 191-6)

Production of functional platelet-like particles by the megakaryoblastic DAMI cell line provides a model for platelet biogenesis

Lev P. R.; Goette N. P.; Glembotsky A. C.; Laguens R. P.; Meckert P. M. C.; Salim J. P.; Heller P. G.; Pozner R. G.; Marta R. F.; Molinas F. C. (Platelets 22 (1): 26-36)

An ovine model of postinfarction dilated cardiomyopathy in animals with highly variable coronary anatomy

Locatelli P.; Olea F. D.; Mendiz O.; Salmo F.; Fazzi L.; Hnatiuk A.; Laguens R.; Crottogini A. (ILAR J 52 (1): e16-e21)

Combined VEGF gene transfer and erythropoietin in ovine reperfused myocardial infarction

Olea F. D.; De Lorenzi A.; Cortes C.; Cuniberti L.; Fazzi L.; Flamenco M. D.; Locatelli P.; Cabeza Meckert P.; Bercovich A.; Laguens R.; Crottogini A. (Int J Cardiol )

Topography evolution in convergent flows of two liquid layers

Perazzo C. A.; Gratton J. (J Phys Conf Ser 296: 012017)

The chick optic tectum developmental stages. A dynamic table based on temporal- and spatial-dependent histogenetic changes: A structural, morphometric and immunocytochemical analysis

Rapacioli M.; Celin A. R.; Duarte S.; Ortalli A. L.; Di Napoli J.; Teruel L.; Sanchez V.; Scicolone G.; Flores V. (J Morphol )

A reconstruction platform for coronary arteries, finite element mesh generation and patient specific simulations

Salles S.; Salvucci F.; Craiem D. (J Phys Conf Ser 332: 12048)

Linear and Nonlinear Viscoelastic Modeling of Aorta and Carotid Pressure-Area Dynamics under in vivo and ex vivo Conditions

Valdez-Jasso D.; Bia D.; Zócalo Y.; Armentano R. L.; Haider M.; Olufsen M. (Ann Biomed Eng 39 (5): 1438-56)

Biomechanics of Ergometric Stress Test: regional and local effects on elastic, transitional and muscular human arteries

Valls G.; Torrado J.; Bia D.; Zócalo Y.; Lluberas S.; Craiem D.; Armentano R. L. (J Phys Conf Ser 313: 12013)

Cardiomyocyte hypertrophy, oncosis, and autophagic vacuolization predict mortality in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy with advanced heart failure

Vigliano C. A.; Cabeza Meckert P. M.; Diez M.; Favaloro L. E.; Cortes C.; Fazzi L.; Favaloro R. R.; Laguens R. P. (J Am Coll Cardiol 57 (14): 1523-31)

Uruguay eHealth initiative: preliminary studies regarding an integrated approach to evaluate vascular age and preclinical atherosclerosis (CUiiDARTE project)

Armentano R. L.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Torrado J.; Farro I.; Farro F.; Florio L.; Olascoaga A.; Alallon W.; Negreira C.; Lluberas R. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2011: 842-5)

Heart transplantation in rapidly progressive end-stage heart failure associated with celiac disease

Barrio J. P.; Cura G.; Ramallo G.; Diez M.; Vigliano C. A.; Katus H. A.; Mereles D. (BMJ Case Reports 2011)

Age-related changes in reservoir and excess components of central aortic pressure in asymptomatic adults

Bia D.; Cymberknop L.; Zocalo Y.; Farro I.; Torrado J.; Farro F.; Pessana F.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2011: 6454-7)

Integrated Evaluation of Age-Related Changes in Structural and Functional Vascular Parameters Used to Assess Arterial Aging, Subclinical Atherosclerosis, and Cardiovascular Risk in Uruguayan Adults: CUiiDARTE Project

Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Farro I.; Torrado J.; Farro F.; Florio L.; Olascoaga A.; Brum J.; Alallon W.; Negreira C.; Lluberas R.; Armentano R. L. (Int J Hypertens 2011: 587303)

Arterial diameter measurement using high resolution ultrasonography: in vitro validation

Brum J.; Bia D.; Benech N.; Balay G.; Armentano R. L.; Negreira C. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2011: 203-6)

Non-invasive assessment of allometric scaling laws in the human coronary tree

Craiem D.; Casciaro M. E.; Graf S.; Gurfinkel E. P.; Armentano R. L. (Artery Res 5 (1): 15-23)

Gender-related differences in the excess pressure component of central aortic pressure waveform of healthy young

Cymberknop L.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Farro I.; Torrado J.; Farro F.; Pessana F.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2011: 207-10)

Pulse wave velocity normal levels in a Uruguayan population: differences between ´adjusted´ and measured values vary depending on age and the calculation algorithm used

Farro I.; Bia D.; Zocalo Y.; Torrado J.; Farro F.; Armentano R. L. (Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2011: 211-4)

[Accuracy of multislice computed tomography in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with cirrhosis evaluated for liver transplantation]

Haberman D.; Mela M.; Martinez A.; Mancinelli A.; Laguens R.; Gruz F.; Gondolesi G. (Acta Gastroenterol Latinoam 41 (3): 190-8)

Reference values for echocardiographic parameters and indexes of left ventricular function in healthy, young adult sheep used in translational research: comparison with standardized values in humans

Locatelli P.; Olea F. D.; De Lorenzi A.; Salmo F.; Vera Janavel G. L.; Hnatiuk A. P.; Guevara E.; Crottogini A. J. (Int J Clin Exp Med 4 (4): 258-64)